O Christmas Tree Sheet Music (free) with a Groove

No, it isn't a straightjacket.  Photo: CC license; flikr.com

No, it isn't a straightjacket.  Photo: CC license; flikr.com

In my spare time I've been known to throw down a groove and paste a well-known tune of another genre over top.  Sometimes the results are kind of funky, a little embarrassing.  Its like putting a Christmas sweater on a dog.  Christmas sweaters are awesome, and dogs are awesome. But when you combine them, you get a visual explosion revealing a socially-awkward dog with a (perhaps) diabolical owner.  

I feel bad for the dog.  You know his fellow canine friends are mocking him: "Wow, is that a bright red and green straightjacket you're wearing? Oh right, its a Christmas sweater.  Have fun being single the rest of your life." 

Now, don't get me wrong.  I actually love dogs in Christmas sweaters.  In fact, if I were a dog owner (my wife is allergic to dogs, so no dogs here), I would proudly parade my dog in the most awesome '80's Christmas sweater ever.  In fact, I would own a huge personal collection of doggy Christmas sweaters.  

Anyway, I as was playing a generic old-school rock groove it hit me that I should just superimpose O Christmas Tree over the top.  I actually liked the sound; there was a comfortable flow of melody, harmony, and rhythm working nicely together.  The finished product is a late intermediate tune that I've started to assign to my students this year.  

It's here for you to enjoy.  Please don't post the actual file online, but feel free to download it, print it, or link to this page. Play it yourself or give it to some friends or students.

Download Link: Groovy Christmas Tree Sheet Music

Also, you can listen to the mp3.

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~Adam Bendorf`

Adam & Anna Bendorf are piano teachers in Santa Clarita, CA.  In the age-old debate about whether it is better to be a dog owner or a cat owner, they both agree that either is better than being a bird owner.