Piano Teachers for California Charter Schools

Well, its been a while since I've done this, but I'm now back in the loop as a charter school vendor.  I'm on the official list for Sky Mountain, and hope to soon be up and running for Gorman.  What's different this time is we now have two more teachers working under us: Catie Pearce and Spurgeon Rice.  Both drive to homes in the SCV area to teach In Home Lessons, and both really enjoy teaching.  

For those new to the the "charter school" concept, charters are publicly funded independent schools.  Many homeschooling families opt to run their education under a charter since it provides a loose, preexisting educational framework.  Plus, public funding can be used to buy books, pay for services, purchase materials, etc.  And that's where the we the piano teachers come in. We are approved by the state as acceptable "vendors," meaning we can accept public funding to provide piano lessons for charter school students.  This basically means free piano lessons for charter kids.  If you are part of a charter school here in SCV and would like piano lessons, drop me a line.  If we are not on your school's vendor list, let me know and I would love to see if I can get on.  

~Adam Bendorf