Music History for Kids: The Right Notes Assignment Book

After tremendous anticipation from people all around the world (actually, probably about four people), I am happy to announce that we are directly selling The Right Notes.  Once upon a time, Anna and I assumed that our students knew the difference between pianos and organs. Or, what an encore was. We soon realized that our students didn't have any grounding in basic music history, culture, or terminology.

So we set out to create The Right Notes. What I love about this book besides its punny title given by Anna, is that it seamlessly introduces music history and culture during the piano lesson.  Its an assignment book, so teachers write things down for their students. But at the top of each page are music history bullet points coupled with fun, colorful illustrations.

We are selling the book directly from our Bendorf Bendorf Piano Studio web site.  However, The Right Notes is in various stores across the U.S., and it currently sells on Music Educator's Marketplace for great sale prices. 

I hope you'll give it a try. We've seen it bring smiles and giggles to quite a few of our students, and I bet it will do the same for yours. 

~Adam Bendorf

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